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What You'll Discover In "She's A *Itch"
This book will connect you with your passion through the use of inspirational quotes, images and thought-provoking messages.
There is freedom in being your authentic self but too few of us ever find it because we're afraid of discovering who we really are and whether anyone will "like" us. 
This book isn't for everyone, it's for those women who want to live their best lives NOW and are tired apologizing for who they are and what they really want.
I never knew that I could feel this smart and focused. The moment that I embraced who I am and what makes me different is the moment that I understood what it really means to be fearless. It's not about having no fear or having no flaws but it's about pursuing your passion authentically, no matter what anyone says or thinks of you. And that isn't easy for most of  us as women. 

This little book is a "fight song" of quotes and poetry that I dedicate to every women no matter where in the world they are. Thanks a million for downloading your copy. Share it with as many as you can."
Samantha Gooden
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